Inclusions and Options



  • Metallic Paint
  • Rear brake lever.
  • Double controls , rear stick with all the same controls as the front stick.
  • Entry door for front seat
  • Large forward windshield
  • Windscreen for rear seat
  • Key-lockable glove box
  • Powerful pneumatic pre-rotator With back up Mechanical lever
  • Carbon fibre Bolly propeller
  • High energy wide cord Rotor blades made of  carbon fibre with reflex technology and high torsionalstiffness allowing for higher speeds
  • Wheel spats
  • Electro-pneumatic rotor brake and pitch trim
  • Mechanical roll trim
  • Hydraulic wheel brakes with parking system
  • 83 litre fuel tank with fuel gauge , made from XLPE cross link polyethylene
  • Gyro colour choice
  • High quality seat covers
  • Front seat with pocket
  • Landing light
  • 12V power outlet plug
  • Oil thermostat
  • Stainless steel exhaust
  • Slipping clutch in gear box in 912 ULS engine
  • High performances starter in 912 ULS engine
  • Extra electrical fuel pump in 912 ULS engine
  • Propeller protector. (  stone guard  )
  • Storage compartments (180 litres l).
  • 4 point harness seat belts


  • Airspeed indicator
  • Vertical speed indicator
  • Altimeter
  • Rotor trim / brake pressure
  • Rotor tachometer
  • Engine tachometer
  • Cylinder head temperature
  • Oil temperature
  • Oil pressure
  • Fuel level indicator
  • Hour meter


  • Oversized wheels on main gear. 
  • Flycom Helmet.                                   
  • Radio XCOM
  • Transponder Microair G            
  • Rear instrument panel for training
  • Vertical card compass
  • Standard Strobe light  
  • Gyroplane protection covers.  
  • Manifold pressure gauge for 914 engine 
  • Folding Mast  
  • EGT  
  • Fuel pressure , Electronic.

Titanium Bolt Option

For those that live in coastal or humid areas they will be familiar with the constant problem of rust and corrosion on parts and bolts especially bolts on crush tubes that can't be seen.
Here at TAG we offer all customers the option of all Titanium bolts in these critical areas ,